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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

The four simple steps below can guide you toward a professionally designed, developed and marketed website.


  • Step One: Domain name (URL) Registration — this can be the web address that internet users will use to access your website (ex: Choosing a domain name is important as it will form your online presence identity. Once you’ve determined the URL you would like to use; we proceed with the registration; the price to register a domain is anywhere from $8.00 to $35.00 per year. A website domain name needs renewal every year.


  • Step Two: We perform keyword research about your niche and design and develop your website! That’s the crucial step where the appearance, feel, coding, and content are defined and created.


  • Step Three: Hosting your website on an internet Server: This step is essential; no website can exist without a server to host it; it is like renting a space for your website to exist and remain perpetually connected to the web. Cost can vary depending on the amount of space and add-ons you may need for your website.


  • Step Four: Marketing your website: You should not take the marketing regarding your website lightly. A website may fall into oblivion if no one will ever see it, and that’s why we undertake to market and promote your website with various marketing solutions such as SEO optimization, social media promotions, and Google AdWords campaigns. Cost varies and depends on your marketing policy; we can always help you choose the right plan for your needs.

    Are you ready to start a project with us? Send us a quote online and we will send you a refined proposal as soon as possible.

“How much does a website cost?” is a frequently asked question by prospective clients. And the unsatisfyingly evasive answer is always “it depends.”

The construction cost is heavily influenced by what you require for your website and the amount of information (number of pages, features, content management systems, etc.).


Because each website is different and unique, the time spent on each can vary greatly.


With this in mind, each website’s cost varies, but there are generally options for both low-budget websites starting at £600+ and more complex and large plans that can reach tens of thousands of pounds.


That is why we provide a free analysis and quote to estimate the cost of your website creation or SEO optimization campaign.


Our goal is to tailor a package to your specifications. We founded our company on two principles: flexibility and honesty. We would not exist without our customers, so we strive to be as flexible and honest with you as possible, with no hidden fees.

That is not true! Especially in our digital age, everyone searches the internet for information.


A website is the most important and valuable marketing piece for any business because it represents your company to the rest of the world. It can be a powerful tool for increasing revenue, customer loyalty, and influencing prospects.


Many people and businesses overlook the various products, services, and business processes that can be included on a website.


Using the web to facilitate internal communication or interactions can increase efficiency. Your company can save time and money while reaching a much larger audience: the entire world!

The answer to that question is neither brief nor straightforward.


With some thought and analysis, you’ll notice several reasons, but some general statements will help you discover your requirements. For starters, an internet website will reach many people who would not otherwise be reached.


Second, customers can view your merchandise, products, and services, as well as anything else you want to share with them, from the comfort of their own homes. Whatever type of business you run, there are always ways to expand and make money on the internet

Yes. We have years of experience creating online stores for a variety of niches.


We provide several options for establishing effective e-shop and e-commerce websites and integrating with popular payment providers such as Stripe, PayPal, and others.

When you receive a visitor to your website, they’ll instantly perceive the standard and quality of your services or merchandise.


The primary impression a client or potential customer gets depends on the looks of your website. A visitor is interested in exploring your website if it’s appealing and straightforward.


You must realize that you are promoting yourself and your business to the globe over the net, and it’s necessary to point out your best.


Get a website built by professionals! Hire Site-Forge to design your website and get a professional, modern website that will give you a competitive edge. From responsive websites to online stores, we offer everything you need for a successful online presence.

This mostly depends on what’s involved and how soon the client can provide us with the essential material, such as texts and pictures.


A simplistic brochure site may be up and running in two or three weeks. More complicated projects will take longer.


After we grasp your actual needs, we will send you a contract with a sensible finish date.

Yes. We always design websites from the bottom up to work great with search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


We provide specialized research and SEO services, ensuring that each page is optimized for the keywords you want to rank and market on the web.


In addition, we create and register your website with various monitoring tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, so that you can read detailed statistics on visitors to your site.

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